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Methods and Apparatuses for Hybrid Photovoltaic Systems

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The University of Delaware seeks to commercialize through patent licensing and associated collaborative R&D novel concepts of photovoltaic (PV) systems which can achieve higher conversion efficiency than conventional PVs. The key concept proposed is a hybrid PV (HPV) approach which integrates micro-concentrated PV (CPV) with conventional flat panel PV. The new hybrid systems will enhance sunlight collection and energy conversation by collecting both direct and diffuse radiation onto different solar cells with different concentration ratios. Unlike current alternatives these novel hybrid photovoltaic systems are the first to combine conventional flat panel PV and concentrated PV in an integrated system. Value Proposition: The objective of this invention is to make a hybrid photovoltaic system that can achieve higher conversion efficiency than conventional photovoltaic systems.


1) Provides novel high efficiency 2) Low cost 3) Flat-panel-like PV systems offer significant performance improvement from conventional flat-panel PV and CPV systems 4) Small form factor

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