A Method to Reduce Non-Torque Rotor Moments for Improved Reliability of Wind Turbines

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The invention is a control system that works to eliminate moments from yaw and wind shear and eliminate or assist the yaw control system by steering the nacelle of wind turbines. The control system consists of three parts: 1) A swashplate which is a standard mechanical element used to convert rotary motion to linear motion or to lock cyclic phase with an actuation command; 2) a load cell to measure pitch and yaw moments; 3) a control algorithm to adjust the swashplate in response to the rotor moments. The objective is to reduce the non-torque moments on the wind turbine’s rotor which will improve the life of the turbine its power output and its value. Applications: Wind turbines


1) Inexpensive 2) Improves life of wind turbine 3) Increases power output 4) Increases value of wind turbine

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