Method and system for treating biogenic wastewater with simultaneous generation of fuel

United States

Technology Applications:

  • Production of renewable non-greenhouse gas producing and distributed energy in the form of hydrogen gas
  • Using the hydrogen gas to generate electricity with a fuel cell or as a feedstock for synthesis of a wide range of industrially-relevant chemicals and fuels
  • De-nitrification of wastewater specifically in municipal water treatment facilities
  • Treatment of a wide range of biogenic waste streams while recovering energy
  • Production of ammonia and chemicals derived from ammonia

1) Produce pure stream of hydrogen for use as fuel or chemical feedstock 2) Waste-to-energy conversion 3) Combine waste treatment (e.g. wastewater de-nitrification) with energy production 4) An energy producer not an energy consumer like conventional wastewater treatment technologies

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Patent Pending (WO/2007/140441)