Method and Electromagnetic Intertial Micro Device for Generating Electrical Power from Low Frequency Oscillations

The ability to control the frequency and amplitude of mechanical oscillations can lead to production of electrical power. Having the ability to use remote power to activate sensors and other pieces of equipment will be beneficial in in aviation diagnosis medical and construction. Key aspects to these products are mechanisms at use as well as the versatility and size of the mechanism. Researchers at the University of Missouri have worked to develop a device and process that will be a compact and versatile way to produce electrical energy. With this invention devices and sensors in isolated locations can be powered without wires or other equipment. Applications: Activating sensors or devices on a variety of different machines and pieces of equipment State of Development: Several prototypes theorized with additional data gathered Licensing Potential: University seeks licensee with the potential to commercialize


1) Compact compared of similar devices 2) Broad frequency response range 3) Uses momentum conversion between cantilevers to create frequency change

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