Metallic reflection film recovering device of disklike information recording M medium and its metallic reflection film recording method

PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To recover a substrate surely for recycling by separating a reflecting film from the substrate by being irradiated with ultrasonic waves in a medium and immersing the substrate in a liquid for dissolving a coloring matter layer. SOLUTION: Disks 1 are set on a cleaning jig 91. Next a moving table 81 is brought down by a cylinder 82 and each disk 1 is immersed completely in water 11. A control part actuates a ultrasonic wave generator 22 and the UV resin top coat layer and gold reflecting layer of the disk 1 are peeled off from a coloring matter recording layer and a polycarbonate substrate. In this operation the disks 1 are moved vertically and rotated in water 11 in washing to prevent the generation of nonuniformity. Next the coloring matter recording layer stuck to on the substrate is immersed in a solvent for dissolving the coloring matter to remove it. When the solvent is irradiated with ultrasonic waves by treating the disks 1 in the water in an ultrasonic cleaning tank 21 a reflecting film and a coloring matter layer are removed simultaneously from the substrate enabling sure recovery of the substrate for recycling.Â

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