Membrane Purification of Palm Sap (NEERA)

BACKGROUNDPalm sap is a nutritious drink but it cannot be stored for long duration (once it is extracted from the palm tree) even under refrigeration. TECHNOLOGY DESCRIPTIONPolymeric membranes are used to purify/clarify palm sap (Neera). The resulting palm sap is visibly better without turbidity is free of bacteria and yeast (that cause fermentation). This can be achieved without loss of nutrients and without any use of chemical additives/bio-preservatives. The purified palm sap has a shelf life of up to 6 months. MARKET POTENTIAL• India has about 130 million palm trees; each tree could yeild150-200 litres of palm sap/year - resulting in 16900- 26000 million litres/year • Health drink market in India is a fast growing market* and Neera could be marketed as a health drink with all natural ingredients *Beverage firms to flood market with health drinks Business Standard: February 28 2008

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