Mekorot water resources management


Mekorot implements state-of the-art technological solutions and cutting-edge processes that succeeded in maximizing the utilization of Israel’s water resources. The systems include a national network of fully-automated control centres. These centres ensure the continuous functioning of Mekorot’s 3000 water installations including wells pumping stations treatment facilities reservoirs and pipelines. Advanced communications devices provide online real-time information about water quality and water supply while allowing remote control of vital systems. Among Mekorot’s flagship facilities is The Dan Region Wastewater Treatment Plant (Shafdan) owned by the Dan Region Association of Towns serves a population of two million people and is responsible for one-thirds of the total wastewater treatment in Israel. The plant is considered to be the largest and most advanced of its type in the Middle East. The Shafdan treats about 130 million cubic meters of wastewater annually. Mekorot is responsible for the operation of the facility guarantees the desired quality level of the effluent recharges them to confined aquifer through infiltration fields in order to improve their quality pumps the reclaimed water through recovery wells and supply them for irrigation of all crops without restriction.


The control systems are fully automated.; Proven record of commercial use

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