MEGAECOFIRE ( Rubbish turned into clean fuel)

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MEGAECOFIRE ( Rubbish turned into clean fuel) is the commercial name of the ecofriendly coal coming from organic and biodegradable wastes like plantain and banana peel maize leaves and peduncle sugar cane residue Peanut shell Grapefruit peelWatermelon peel Apple core and peel Orange peel Tea residue Potato peel Soybean residue Cotton residue palm husks rice husks grasses and others organic and biodegradable waste comprised agricultural waste. It is a product of KEMIT ECOLOGY a Cameroonian registered startup (industry) specialized in renewable energies environmental assessment training on how to manage waste to convert them into wealth. The company was created on August 2014. To obtain the MEGAECOFIRE raws materials (Wastes) are collected into dustbins garbage publics places like markets in the town of Douala Cameroon transported in the production unit situated in Bonapriso. They are selected calibrated and put on in a drying machine at 70°C for moisture contains lost. Little moisture contain raws materials like maize leaves rices husks palm oil husks grasses potato peel are dried at this temperature in fourty minutes. Other like sugar cane residue peanut shell orange peel soybean are dried in one hour past twenty minutes at this temperature and finaly the most moisture raws materials like banana and plantain peel are dried in two hour at that temperature. After drying raw material that loose moisture contain are passing through a technique named pyrolysis which is a thermic decomposition of organics material in absence of oxygen. This technique generate smoke with some green house gas the innovation here is that KEMIT ECOLOGY put in place a technology to recycle the smoke by converting them to dry other raws materials this helps to avoid climate change and give a final product environmentally clean. After the pyrolysis we obtain the black powder of ecofriendly coal. Then the powder are mixed with white clay activated with an appropriate technique put in place by KEMIT ECOLOGY this mixture help the black powder of ecofriendly coal attach with the white clay and generate an homogeneous final product (MEGAECOFIRE) the homogeneous product is compacted inside a compactor machine to give differents forms to the final product KEMIT ECOLOGY has squarre form cubic form hearth form triangle form and others which make customers confortable for using any type of form. Then the final product ( MEGAECOFIRE) is dried and it is ready to use. We use it for cooking frying ironing for hotting house in the cold region. After using the MEGAECOFIRE the householder or costumer can use the ash generated as biological fertilizer to make crops growth. By collecting and recycling organics and biodegradable wastes KEMIT ECOLOGY is helping to fight against urban pollution and uncontrolled fermentation. The using of MEGAECOFIRE is helping to fight against deforestation for coal one of the major effect of climate change. Since August 2014 KEMIT ECOLOGY has collected and recycled 120 tons of waste in the town of Douala and test about 20 tons of MEGAECOFIRE to the local population comprise the littoral (Douala) the Centre (Yaoundé)the west (Bangangté) the Nord Ouest (Bamenda) the Soutrh West (Manfé) of the coountry. Other countries has also tested to product for approval. In Nigeria for example: Cross river state (IKOM) Nasarawa state Abuja. In Angola the MEGAECOFIRE was tested in Luanda. In Asia the product was also tested in an International training workshop in Kuala lumpur (Malaysia). KEMIT ECOLOGY is reaching the final step of testing product for approval and will proceed very soon to the public commercialization. The company has ameliorated the process and also innovated in recycling the fume and also in the quality of raw material that are used to make the MEGAECOFIRE. On of the major achievement of KEMIT ECOLOGY is to obtain a pattern of innovation for the process and equipments.


MEGAECOFIRE presents three types of benefits: in environment in economy and socially. The environmentally benefits of MEGAECOFIRE is that it doesn't produce smoke so helping to fight against climate change by using the MEGAECOFIRE we will no longer use charcoal coming from firewood so it helps to avoid deforestation for firewood and charcoal so helps for carbon sequestration avoid wastes pollution in urban and urban erea and also fight against climate change. In economy our MEGAECOFIRE doesn't blacked pot so economic for time we used to take to wash pot. Because it doesn't produce any smoke it is advantageous for the health of the customer. By collecting organic and biodegradable waste we reduce jobless by offering job to many people. Socially it helps to create a grater awareness in the life of people how to manage more sustainable our waste.; MEGAECOFIRE is launched since December 2013 by the students of CLUB ECOLOGY of the University of Douala CAMEROON. In july 2015 they came to created KEMIT ECOLOGY a...

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