Mbaula Green Eco Stove & Grill

South Africa

The Mbaula Green is ideal for camping, travelling or daily use and is easily transported in a bag.  This energy-efficient, portable stove lends itself to a variety of cooking methods, such as cooking in a pot, a pan or  a  braai. It is  safer than paraffin or gas stoves and uses only 7 - 15 pieces of charcoal to cook a meal for a family, which reduces burning fuel by up to 50% as well as reduces indoor air pollution and decreases the risk of explosive fires.

Key features: 

- The Mbaula Green is fitted with a robust, heat-absorbing ceramic liner. The liner is heated by the burning fuel and once hot, it optimizes the heat of the Mbaula Green, which  reduces the required burning fue

- Less burning fuel means less smoke emissions and  a lower carbon footprint.

- Deforestation and air pollution is reduced by the limited wood or charcoal usage.

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