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'Manufacture in wood' is a gathering of forces from the wood construction industry and the wood-based interior design industry. The project will take advantage of the expertise available in production, automation and digital systems so that companies that work with wooden house construction, interior design and design can develop, with new solutions and smarter processes. The construction of multi-family dwellings in wood is increasing, and in 2018 it accounted for nearly 15 percent of all new construction of multi-family dwellings. The wood trend can also be seen in interior design and furniture design. Wood is a natural and healthy material, and the advantages of using it are many. Above all, it is renewable and the climate effects are great compared to traditional construction. Basically, therefore, the project Manufacture in wood is an investment to reduce the climate impact and favor a circular economy.

While there are good conditions, it is a challenge for both the industrial wood construction industry and the wood-based interior design industry to develop more efficient and demand-driven, industrialized production. It is in these areas that Manufacturing in Wood will make a difference.

During the project period, there will be activities together with industrial wood construction companies as well as interior design companies and designers who specialize in wood. The whole project's aim and purpose is to favor the companies' development towards a more design-oriented and industrialized manufacturing in wood, as well as to create new business opportunities for residual streams. At the end of the project period, a solid foundation for a permanent competence center must have been laid, where both concrete networks with different competences, as well as physical test and demo environments will be accommodated.

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