Management and Monitoring of utility systems


TriDiNetworks provides advanced tools for Building Managements Systems (BMS which automates and simplifies the Design Setup and maintenance of wired and wireless control networks. TriDiNetworks provides a technology which offers a complete solution for design setup and :maintenance of BMS including: Networks Designer software which is interfaced with the building architecture and allows a control system designer to place and configure the field devices on the building map Commissioning Tool equipped with the Point and Click technology for smartphones and tablets that allows to simply and intuitively setup sophisticated wired and wireless networks. Company products portfolio include: TriDiLight - Wireless lighting and HVAC control system for commercial buildings. It monitors and controls environmental sensors. It incorporates scheduling occupancy daylight harvesting Smart Grid demand response and “personal control” from computer desktop for each occupant. OEM products - Networks Designer Software for BMS Commissioning Tool software for smartphones and tablets equipped with dedicated Hardware adapters.


The company designs control systems which enable setup at significantly lower costs relative to current solutions and can be performed by regular electricians or technicians without dedicated training.; Proven record of commercial use

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