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Madhav Box Type Solar Cooker


This type of solar cooker is the most common and inexpensive. Box type cookers have a very simple construction and they are made of low cost materials. It is like a hot box in which food can be cooked. It is the most commonly used model for household cooking, designed to cook for a family of 4-5 members.

Size With Packing: 525 x 525 x 250 (+/-10) mm 
Weight: 13.5 kg max 
Outer Box: High Strength Aluminum sheet 0.5 mm 
Cooking Pots: 4 nos. Aluminum dia.160 mm, Height 70 mm, Top cover matt black powder coated 
Reflecting Mirror: 3 mm Plain Mirror 
Heating Trapping Gasket: Durable high temperature lubber to prevent heat escape 
Cooker Life: Approx. 10-12 yrs.

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