Älvrummet - a Showcase of Gothenburg’s Urban Development Strategy

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The Älvrummet exhibition is a public space created by the city of Gothenburg to provide residents and other stakeholders with a comprehensive picture of the plans and progress of Älvstaden, one of the largest urban development projects in Scandinavia. Älvrummet (‘the River Room’) is an exhibition dedicated to the radical transformation of the embankments on both sides of Göta älv, the river running through Gothenburg. The purpose of Älvrummet is to showcase the long-term process of creating Älvstaden (‘the River City)’, one of the largest urban development projects in the Nordic region.

<h2> Doubling the city centre by 2050 </h2>
Gothenburg city centre is facing the challenge of doubling in size by 2050 with 25,000 new apartments and 45,000 new workplaces. By connecting the city, embracing the water and revitalising the centre, the city is committed to creating an inclusive, green and dynamic inner city that is sustainable for both people and the environment.

<h2> Centre for development and debate </h2>
Älvrummet is a visitor centre for the public where residents and other stakeholders can gain an overall view of the urban development plan for Älvstaden and the projects that have been completed. Visitors can take part in lectures, events, guided tours and exhibitions of proposals and plans, as well as obtaining information about the ongoing urban development in Gothenburg’s inner city. The exhibition also serves as an open arena for debates about urban development issues, and the model of central Gothenburg in the middle of the room shows the city now and in the future.

Älvrummet has gradually become the go-to place for information and debate about urban development on Gothenburg’s riverside. It is a good example of how cities can involve residents in development, keeping them informed and inviting them to participate and engage in their hometown and its future.

<h2> Digital exhibition </h2>
Älvrummet opened in 2008 on Kanaltorget. In 2017, the exhibition moved across the Göta river to Lindholmen Science Park, the area of Gothenburg with the most knowledge-intensive activity and the greatest expansion. The exhibition has been fully digital since Älvrummet reopened in November 2017.

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