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Low-E Glass

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"Low-E Glass" refers to a series of high-performance low-emissivity products. The vacuum sputtering process coats glass surfaces with several layers of different materials. Among these, a silver layer effectively reflects infrared rays while maintaining excellent thermal performance.

Types of Product
- Single Low-E Glass (SLE)
- Double Low-E Glass (DLE)
- Low-E-Sun Layer Glass (LES)
- Ti-based Low-E Glass (TLE)

- Approaches the natural color of glass.
- Highly transparent to visible light (wavelength 380nm ~780nm), will not cause significant glare problems due to high reflectance of visible light.
- Allows most sunlight in the visible range to enter without altering its natural color. Provides excellent natural illumination and saves energy by reducing the need for artificial lighting. 
- Relatively high reflectance of infrared radiation (wavelength 780nm~ 3,000nm). In particular, reflects nearly all long-wave infrared (wavelength over 3,000nm). Blocks the entrance of large amounts of heat, and leaves interior comfortably cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

- Thickness : 3 ~ 19mm 
- Max. size : 3300mm x 6000mm
- Min. size : 300mm x 300mm
- Low-E insulating glass max. size : 3300mm x 4880mm

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