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Low-Alkali Fly Ash Cement and Method of Making

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Background: The University of North Dakota is actively seeking companies to commercialize a new method for the production of low-alkali fly ash cement. Technology Description: Researchers at the University of North Dakota have developed a low-alkali fly ash cement (LAFAC) that possesses greater compressive strength than non-alkali fly ash cements (prepared using only water) and high-alkali fly ash cements while lacking the disadvantages associated with high levels of alkali specifically the use of NaOH as an alkali activator which produces harmful Cl2 and HCl gasses as byproducts. Applications: An environmentally friendly replacement to high-alkali fly ash cements.


1) Samples can be manufactured by using simple techniques like cold pressing and at a relatively low stress (~17MPa) 2) Strengthening can be achieved by adding low concentrations of alkali

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