Limobile - Non-flammable lithium electrolyte for safe and reliable batteries

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High energy lithium battery systems have proven themselves in many commercial applications. However present lithium batteries use electrolytes incorporating a lithium salt in an organic solvent. When overheated due to overcharging internal shorting manufacturing defects physical damage or other failure mechanisms such electrolytes have the disadvantage of high flammability releasing highly toxic chemicals when combusted. Therefore the development of an innovative low-cost non-flammable electrolyte will greatly improve the safety and reliability of lithium batteries. The developed non-flammable electrolyte composition is to be incorporated into a complete battery system maintaining or improving the performance of present lithium battery technology. At the Institute for Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Siegen a novel class of thermally stable lithium-electrolyte has been discovered. This new class of solid state materials Limobile is based on lithium-argyrodites. These materials are non-flammable thermally stable and offer up to 10-times higher lithium-ion conductivity compared to standard lithium-electrolytes. Therefore Limobile is ideally suited as electrolyte for lithium battery technology.


Li-mobile is non-flammable thermally stable and offers exceptional lithium-ion conductivity. This predestines the material for high performance lithium battery applications including naval or aeronautical applications.

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