Lightweight Green Roof Media


This invention is a light-weight high-quality green roof soil media for green roof manufacturers. The product is a hybrid soil media that can be used in building green roofs for commercial and residential buildings. The media weighs 50% less than the typical soil media currently used in the market. The mixture involves the use of a proprietary mix that when combined in the right proportion in achieve weight-efficient and cost-effective media mixture for excellent plant growth on the roof.


This solution provides multiple levels of protection and advantages that help the green roof to provide: 1) Enhanced storm water management for buildings and houses; 2) A light weight protective insulating layer for the building; 3) Evaporative cooling for the plants grown on the rooftop; 4) Improved roof longevity; 5) An added feature for developers on more buildings; 6) Provide urban habitat for wildlife such as birds and pollinators; 7) An aesthetically pleasing urban landscape The differentiation in this product lies in the weight advantage which makes it easier to retrofit on existing structures and less expensive to build new structures to support the green roof compared to traditional green roofs. The primary target customers are independent green roof builders and green roof manufacturers. Other targets include residential contractors commercial contractors mass merchandisers and commercial cooperatives that sell green roof materials. The nutrient content of the media also makes it applicable as...

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