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Leak curing solution for water resources management

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Curapipe is a pioneering developer of a breakthrough leak curing solution for buried pipelines. Focused primarily on urban water distribution networks that constantly leak Curapipe is positioning its solution as a low cost alternative to water mains renewal. Uniquely repairing leaks and cracks that normally go undetected by existing detection technologies bulk reduction of leakage is now made possible with minimal disruption and rapid deployment. Curapipe’s technology platform is also suitable for future rollout in the oil and gas industries. Trenchless Automated Leakage Repair (TALR) which seeks to fill a requirement gap in the market for a trenchless intervention with minimal social and environmental disruption levels aimed at surgical leakage repair of water mains at low cost levels.


TALR is an automated all-in-one system comprised of three distinct functions (a) leak detection within a pipeline section (b) instantaneous leak sealing and (c) long term leak curing.; Proven record of commercial use

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