Lake Naivasha Dredging for Fertilizer Project


The project shall establish a dredging complex on the shores of Lake Naivasha to mine the sediment and other debris on the bottom of the lake and convert the sediments into usable Biodeposit Agro and Biodeposit Elixir organic fertilizers. Escaping methane (CH4) shall be captured for cogeneration of up to 70 MW of clean energy. The project requires finance to construct a fertilizer industry in Kenya whose capacity would be about 180.00 tons per year for Biodeposit Agro fertilizer and 20.000 tons per year for Biodeposit Elixir fertilizer. The facility shall cogenerate electric from the methane (CH4) captured (Biogas) and sell it to the grid. The expected energy production is 70MW per hour electric power. The entire industry with fertilizer and energy would cost about USD 125-150 Million


Generating Electricity from methane (CH4)

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