Kvillebäcken - a New District Built for Sustainable Living

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Kvillebäcken is the first urban district in Gothenburg built to new, more stringent environmental requirements, with the aim of creating a residential district that makes a low-carbon lifestyle easy. The new urban district of Kvillebäcken was the first phase of the plan to link Backaplan closer to the inner city of Gothenburg. The goal has been to create a thriving, green and attractive district that makes it easy to live a low-carbon lifestyle. Housing and commercial buildings have been developed to meet strict requirements on energy balance, indoor environment, non-hazardous materials, protection from noise and moisture, greenery in the courtyards, and surface water management.

<h2> Green areas and green roofs </h2>
The vision for Kvillebäcken has been a green, urban neighbourhood. The area has many green spaces with vegetation that help reinforce biological diversity, and some of the buildings have green roofs. New environmental technology solutions are also used in the district, such as the efficient collection of household waste and covered bicycle parking. New solutions will also be used to meet strict demands on economic and social sustainability.

<h2> Built for biking and walking </h2>
Traffic management and buildings are adapted to a more environmentally sustainable community, where no residents should be dependent on a car. Ecological and social sustainability were guiding principles in the area’s development plan. This has created a cycling- and walking-friendly district, with bike paths, car-free streets, bike pools and lots of bicycle parking spaces. Residents also have access to carpools and cargo bike pools.

Kvillebäcken has a laid-back city life atmosphere, with a range of architectural styles and colours strengthening the feeling of a varied neighbourhood. Cafés and ‘pocket parks’ are frequently used as meeting places, filled with activities and interaction. Along the river that runs through Kvillebäcken is a large park with a playground, barbecue area, tables and seating. Next to Kvillebäcken are the districts of Backaplan, with one of Gothenburg’s biggest shopping malls, and Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen, which is the public transport hub for this part of Hisingen.

<h2> More than 2,000 new homes </h2>
Kvillebäcken was completed in 2019 by municipal development company Älvstranden Utveckling, together with several construction companies. Besides a green urban environment, Kvillebäcken has provided more than 2,000 homes, 1,500 workplaces, shops, restaurants, preschools and other community facilities. The district is located close to Gothenburg city centre, and it takes only six minutes to get from Kvillebäcken to the central station.

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