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Kvillebäcken – First green district

Opportunities enabled:

Kvillebäcken is the first urban district in Gothenburg built according to the new, more stringent, environmental demands. Traffic and buildings will be adapted to a more environmentally sustainable community, where no inhabitants will be dependent on transport by car. Housing and commercial buildings will meet strict demands on energy balance, indoor environment, healthy materials, protection from noise and moisture, greenery in the courtyards, and surface water management.

New environmental technology solutions will be used in the district, such as efficient collection of household waste and covered bicycle parking. New solutions will also meet strict demands on economic and social sustainability.

Organisation providing the technology:
Envac AB, Powerpipe Systems AB, Kjellgren Kaminsky Architecture
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Färgfabriksgatan 1 41724 Göteborg Västra Götalands län

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