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(KOTEC9) Mobile water(lake river stream) purification system


This technology has been identified by KOTEC(Korea Technology Finance Corporation) for WIPO GREEN's project in waste water treatment sector. Any request for contacting the technology provider will be facilitated by KOTEC. In order to collect and remove a number of sedimentary substances submerged together with stone gravel and sand etc. and suspended pollutants quickly on the spot in the water environments such as rivers streams lakes waterways and reservoirs for irrigation where the flow speed is relatively low a water purification device loaded in the means of transportation like cars is driven to get as close to the polluted steams as possible by allowing it to be operated so as to purify the wastewater or sewage by moving it to the location requiring water purification if necessary. A coagulant and a precipitation tank to induce precipitation by reaction to the wastewater a belt press for collecting the precipitated sludge are installed. More specifically the vacuum pump to suck the polluted water and a gradient screen to filter out sand or gravel etc. or a number of precipitation tanks to submerge contamination sources into sludge by incorporating a polymer coagulant may be included in the portable stream purification device. A belt press to discharge a lump of sludge by the pressure dehydration of that drained from a precipitation tank or a sludge bin to collect a solidified sludge etc. may be included in the configuration.


The mobile stream purification system is moved as close to a place as possible where there are pollution sources and purifies the water by separating sludge containing pollutants in the polluted water mixed with mud sand gravel etc. from purified lake water. It can save processing time and cost. Also you can use more space because the fixed facility is not required so that it may have an effect on the prevention of environmental pollution. With the portable real-time water purification apparatus as a basic concept the company has further upgraded the portable stream purifying device as described in the appraisal report. In the upgraded configuration it is possible to dispose the sludge and organic substances in the streams or lakes as quickly as possible. The company has related patents for these improvements.

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