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(KOTEC2) BIONAD Process: Simultaneous nitrification and denitrification of waste water

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This technology has been identified by KOTEC(Korea Technology Finance Corporation) for WIPO GREEN's project in waste water treatment sector. Any request for contacting the technology provider will be facilitated by KOTEC. - Waste water treatment method and system using a tubular ultrafiltration membrane without the housing for removing the nitrogen and phosphorus contained in the wastewater - Removing phosphorus and nitrogen at the same time by microorganisms by solid-liquid separation


1. Small Tank Volumes -Needless to divide with anoxic tank and oxic tank -Independent of high loading rate(rapid response) 2. Low Operating Cost -Low DO conc.(DO below 0.2-0.6 mg/L) -No internal recycle -Reduce external Carbon source 3. Simple Upgrade -Upgrade is possible with only NADH Sensor 4. Easy Maintenance -Easy pH control(Recovery of alkalinity by denitrification) 5. Online Monitoring -Rapid system control and few manual adjustments 6. Increased Pollutional Load -High organic loading rate and short HRT; Ansan STP (385000 m3 per day) etc.

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