(KOTEC11) Facilities for the reuse of water and wastewater and the phosphorous removal (Up-flow filtering device)


This technology has been identified by KOTEC(Korea Technology Finance Corporation) for WIPO GREEN's project in waste water treatment sector. Any request for contacting the technology provider will be facilitated by KOTEC. The water treatment device using the upflow filtration system; it is used for water and wastewater treatment and total phosphorus removal and reuse etc. This technology adopts the process in which the micro-substances are removed by injecting the raw water to the lower part of the layer filled with filter media and letting the water flow upward to penetrate into the layer of filter media physically. Total phosphorus can be removed by mixing aluminium sulfate that is a coagulant with the raw water before its flowing in and by physically removing flock generated by the precipitation of AlPO4 with SS(Suspended Solids) though the filter media. SS and total phosphorus accumulated in the filter media can be treated on a continuous basis by backwash; such backwash is operated on a non-pressure(gravitational) basis. So the cost of operation and maintenance can be greatly saved. Also it is advantageous since it can save the manpower required for managing the facilities. That is regulation on total quantity is a technology that can achieve the two goals i.e. to reuse wastewater and to remove total phosphorus at the same time. It can be used for the reuse of treated water the reuse of industrial water the removal of chromaticity the removal of algae the treatment of surface water the removal of iron and magnesium and the preconditioning of RO etc. The main technical characteristics of the technology lie in the formation of the angle of hopper at 65˚ or 67˚ the angle of conic distribution vane for filter media(310) to be installed in the lower part of inlet distributing pipes (header)(360) being set to 55˚ the adoption of an air-lifting system to selectively control the movement of a number of airlift pipes so that it can convert to normal or overload mode of operation depending on the state of influent raw water.


The upflow water treatment apparatus injects coagulant directly into the pipes so that a mixing tank and a flocculation tank are not needed. In this respect it is simpler than the existing water treatment apparatuses and can save the installation space. Also retention time is no more than 10 minutes so it is possible to treat water quickly. Moreover the efficiency of SS and total phosphorus removal is relatively high and can decrease the cost for repair and maintenance greatly. In terms of economic feasibility the upflow water treatment apparatus by the technology requires about 92778 thousand KRW per year including the costs of electricity chemical agents and filter media supplement etc. on the basis of 17 thousand tons of treated water per day. However in the case of the existing disc-filtration apparatus the cost of filter media supplements is so high that it requires about 231823 thousand KRW per year. In the case of multi-layer filtration apparatus about 146340 thousand KRW is needed per year. Hence...

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