(KOTEC1) Multi-layer conical diffuser for advanced waste water treatment system

This technology has been identified by KOTEC(Korea Technology Finance Corporation) for WIPO GREEN's project in waste water treatment sector. Any request for contacting the technology provider will be facilitated by KOTEC. 1. Total Phosphorous treatment system - Realizes automation of the operation method. - Can be optimally operated by controlling operating factors according to raw water fraction. - Calculates the dosing quantity automatically according to total phosphorus concentration of raw water supplied and expects the effect to reduce the dosing costs. - Change of the operation method according to condition is easier and PLC is interlocked. - Secures stable treatment water quality even in impact load and high load. - Continuous filtration process for 24 hour - The measuring equipment consists of the degradation part the part to remove bubbles the optical part and the control part. - Optical measurement and analyses of total phosphorus in samples by the loop type. - Controls the dosing quantity of the condensed matter in real time by displaying the result values in the LCD window and analyzing total phosphorus. - Can support a lot of interface. - There are the functions of self-correction and cleaning 2. Multi-layer conical diffuser High efficiency diffuser UFO Diffuser is the system to generate uniform bubbles of the triangle pitch method. As the rate to deliver oxygen the agitation function and the energy-saving effect due to low pressure loss are excellent it is widely used in general filtration plants sewage and waste water disposal plants and sewage disposal tanks. - Sewage disposal plants - Sewage treatment plants - Hygiene treatment plants - Filtration plants Plays the role of delivering oxygen and the agitation as it is installed in holding tanks for drainage equalization tanks aeration tanks sludge storage facilities cultivation equipment and treatment water tanks of leachate and livestock waste water disposal plants.


No modification no renovation of the overall water treatment system needed By just adding waste water or sewage treatment system at the end of the current process the efficiency and performance will be greatly improved. - Hydraulic residence time is short. - Facilities suitable for large capacity. - Load Fluctuations are strong. - 38 percent of cost reduction by this technology in compare with surface aerator. This state of the art technology is being applied in STP and WWTP of South Korea attribute to tightening government regulation.; - Waste water and livestock excretions disposal plants (WWTP) in Paju Boryeong ect. ex) Paju LG-Philips Waste Water Disposal Plant (140.000 ton/day) - Terminal Disposal Plant of Sewage(STP) in Incheon Gunsan Ilsan Ulsan Seoul Gimpo ex) Seoul Jungryang Terminal Disposal Plant of Sewage (1130000 ton/day)

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