Iron Nutrient Particles to Seed Algae (Phytoplankton) Growth

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Background: Algae are responsible for converting carbon dioxide into oxygen. However more than 20% of the world\\\'s oceans lack algae growth. The essential nutrient that is lacking in the algae-deficient surface waters is iron. However this iron must be (i) on the surface so that the algae can convert carbon dioxide to oxygen via photosynthesis and (ii) biologically available so that algae can use it. Technology Description: This technology describes the composition of and the method of production for water-buoyant particles that contain bioavailable iron. These particles can be used in oceans fresh water or in industrial processes. Applications: Industrial or environmental applications that involve the conversion of carbon dioxide to oxygen.


1) Water buoyant particles float in surface waters where algae grow 2) Particles contain iron in a format that algae are able to process

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