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Iodinated Hydrocarbon Pesticide

This technology was developed to control deleterious organisms such as insects nematodes and weeds without causing significant harm to the ozone layer. Such deleterious organisms can be controlled by applying a compound comprised of both monoiodinated hydrocarbons and diiodinated hydrocarbons. Because of the chemical properties of the iodinated hydrocarbons most notably their inter-solubility the mono- and diiodinated hydrocarbons can be combined to make an effective insecticidal and nematicidal formulation that gives a similar performance to that of methyl bromide against both insects and nematodes. Additionally the combination can be an effective herbicide. This technology uses about one tenth the quantity of halogenated hydrocarbon as typically used for methyl bromide and methyl iodine and can be applied to soil in a covered or uncovered state. IP Status: US Patent 6465527 issued 10/15/02

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