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Intuitive Web-based Poultry Litter Management System

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Regulations for applying manure to fields are complicated and current management programs are confusing and time consuming. This new litter management program is easy-to-use and can be set up in less than 30 minutes. Accounts are password-protected and data can be encrypted for added security. No software installation is required and accounts can be accessed via a web browser. The system can quickly generate reports showing litter management plans and farmers can sell or buy poultry litter and calculate the cost to buy and transport. Use of this management system will promote environmental responsibility and save time and money.


1) Easy to use: simpler interface and analysis process than existing programs 2) Inexpensive: only an internet connection and web browser are required 3) Secure: farmer has exclusive access to his/her farm data and management plans 4) Enhances image: makes it easier for farmers to be environmentally responsible 5) Accurate: takes into account state regulations erosion rates compost production nutrient levels crop and soil types water bodies and more

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