Integration of Fertilizer Production and Electricity Production with Gasification and Oxidation of Carbonaceous Materials in Supercritical Water

Background: The use of carbonaceous materials with supercritical water can be used for production of fertilizer and electricity. Gasification and oxidation can be used in this process and can be used in multiple applications. It is important to generate a system that will be efficient and create a minimum of useless byproducts. Generally speaking this technology adds value to supercritical water oxidation and gasification processes by producing fertilizer and energy. Technology Description: Integration of fertilizer Production and electricity Production with gasification and Oxidation of carbonaceous Materials in Supercritical water. Researchers at the University of Missouri have worked to create a novel way to produce energy and fertilizer though oxidation and gasification processes. All attributes of the process will be taken into account and purities will be eliminated to ultimately drive a fuel cell for electricity production. Applications: 1) Energy Production 2) Fertilizer Production


1) Adds value of streams of the SCWG&O process 2) Establishes a set purity to drive fuel cell

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