Integrated Dry Gasification Fuel Cell System for Conversion of Solid Carbonaceous Fuels

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This invention provides an integrated power generation process with improved efficiency. It relates to electric power generation in a fuel cell driven by the products of dry gasification of solid carbonaceous fuels by flowing CO2 gas. This high temperature single step process recycles CO2 by converting it into a valuable gaseous fuel. In contrast to conventional steam gasification this new process does not require water which preserves an important resource. It also supplies the oxygen required for the oxidation reaction through an ionically selective solid oxide electrolyte membrane.


1) Does not require a water supply for gasification and reduces costs and environmental impact. 2) Utilizes solid fuel oxide cell technology for higher system efficiencies. 3) Portion of CO2 is recycled to agitate the carbon bed and produce CO. 4) Does not require nitrogen to enter process stream there is no need for a separation step to capture excess CO2.

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