Innovative technology for preparation of carbon nanotube materials


Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Slovak Academy of Sciences offers an innovative technology for preparation of materials based on homogeneously distributed carbon nanotubes. Application possibilities include automotive and aerospace industry energy production arms and defence industry and electronics. Partners are sought for licensing agreement commercialization and application of the technology. Carbon nanotubes are nano-sized cylinders of carbon atoms with extraordinary thermal conductivity and mechanical and electrical properties. Under certain circumstances carbon nanotubes can discharge powerful waves of electricity which can be be utilized in electrical appliances. For the past twenty years scientists are focusing their energies on carbon nanotubes graphene sheets and buckeyballs. These three are believed to be the most promising for clean and green energy research. The academy of sciences introduces innovative production process of carbon nanotube materials. By applying lyophilisation or freeze-drying into the production process significant quality improvement of the material is achieved. This way homogeneous distribution of carbon nanotubes in the matrixes of ceramics or metals is obtained without any mechanical damages. Carbon nanotubes with homogeneous distribution are predominantly used for production of components based on ceramic and composite materials. The prepared material has even higher fracture toughness is significantly more electrically and thermally conductive and is completely safe for work. Owing to their extraordinary properties prepared carbon nanotube materials are valuable for nanotechnology electronics optics and other fields of material science. The technology can be used for preparation of materials usable in various fields of industry.


Homogeneity of the material without any mechanical damages 60% fracture toughness improvement significantly higher electrical and thermal conductivity health effects of nanomaterials are completely eliminated compatibility with currently used production processes longer service life of production machines due to lower abrasiveness; Prototype is available for demonstration. The technology has been field tested and evaluated.

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