(InGaAl)N Optoelectronic Devices with Thicker Active Layers for Improved Performance

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Researchers at the University of California Santa Barbara have developed a novel invention to enable the fabrication of (InGaAl)N optoelectronic devices with thick active layers containing a high concentration of indium (In). The In content of the active region can be increased while maintaining a low lattice mismatch between the active region and the current carrying layers mitigating deterioration of device performance in the green gap. Consequently relaxed (InGaAl)N films with a lattice constant between GaN and InN can be fabricated on GaN layers of all orientations including (0001) c-plane GaN. Applications: 1) LEDs 2) Solar Cells This technology is available for licensing.


1) Improved performance of existing devices which require a combination of layers with large lattice mismatch 2) Mitigation of defect formation in active layers 3) Increase the thickness of the active layers

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