Industrial water treatment for metal removal


The patented technology provides for the removal of toxic cyanide from wastewater without the need for the addition of chemicals while producing no secondary sludge that would require further handling prior to disposal. Heavy metal removal is achieved in a similar manner through inducing sedimentation. Cyanide removal particularly in gold and silver mine processing operations and heavy metal removal allows for the safe discharge of surplus industrial water into the environment or municipal systems and can provide optimization of internal recycling water circuits saving the operating company costs while reducing the demand for natural raw water supplies as make-up water. We have had enquiries on this technology in applications ranging between 2 m3/hour and 500 m3/hour In addition P2W offers desalination systems and more conventional drinking water purification systems that are offered across a range of treatment rates starting at 5 m3/hour. These units can be trailer mounted or fitted to skids or into containers for ease of transportation and installation. Desalination units can treat sea water salinized groundwater or contaminated industrial wastewater and can produce drinking water that meets internationally recognized standards.


1. Ease of installation and transporation 2. Meets internationally recognized standards 3. Reduces demand for makeup water supply; Proven record of commercial use

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