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Industrial waste treatment


Industrial wastewater containing high concentration of organic materials are very difficult and expensive to treat especially if the wastewater contains salts as well. Elcon developed a very efficient and cost effective ambient pressure thermal oxidation of the waste streams that allows total destruction of organic matter and re-use of the treated water. All that is achieved at lower costs than biological or incineration alternatives. Three owned and operated plants for industrial wastewater treatment: Plant dedicated to the treatment of highly polluted wastewater from the pharmaceutical industry. Plant capacity is 200 tons per day. Plant dedicated to treatment of highly polluted wastewater from the metals electronics and surface finishing industry. Plant capacity is 130 tons per day. Plant dedicated to treatment of wastewater from fine chemicals industry. Plant capacity is 150 tons per day. All plants are owned and operated by the company the service is a long term contract with the provider of the wastewater and the company.


Treatment of highly polluted industrial wastewater.; Proven record of commercial use

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