Increased-Flow Water Treatment Membranes Containing Nano Objects

Technology Description: USC researchers have developed a nanocomposite membrane for removal of aqueous contaminants and salts. The membrane was synthesized by incorporating the nano-sized material graphene oxide (GO) into aromatic polyamide (PA) matrices. The GO-PA and similar composites can serve the entire spectrum of membrane technologies including microfiltration nanofiltration and ultrafiltration with enhanced water flux and improved fouling resistance compared to thin-film composite (TFC) polyamide (PA) membranes which dominate the current market. Applications: 1) Waste water treatment and water reclamation 2) Ultrapure water requirements in the semiconductor industry 3) Desalination


1) Increased and persistent water flux with good reproducibility 2) Low energy consumption 3) Superior antifouling properties 4) Superior rejection properties

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