Improvements on Horizontal-Axis Wind Turbines


The invention describes two concepts to address the need to avoid the need for gear transmission. 1. Mount a circular shroud around the turbine-blade tips carrying permanent magnets or iron laminations or possibly conductors. These would pass close to a short stator carried on the main turbine pillar that would generate the electric power. 2. Have a single permanent magnet or high-permeability-iron stack at the end of each blade of a wind turbine. A “stator” would extend in an arc of 60 degrees (for a three-bladed rotor) on two sides of the main turbine column creating a continuous torque on the turbine rotor and generating electric power.


Make nacelle lighter and smaller by removing gear transmission and moving generator to a location on the main support near ground level. Greater reliability because step-up gear transmission is the main cause of turbine downtime. Easier to service. Lower installation costs.

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