Improvement of separator


The separators are divided into three types according to their structures. The first generation is the built-in fan type, the second is the cyclone air type, and the third is the rotor type. With the first generation, it is difficult to expand the grinding capacity because of lower classification efficiency.
The 2nd type comprises the separation section and the cyclones to collect the fine particles. The 3rd type is the vortex flow type air separator comprised of guide vanes and rotor. The fine particles are collected by a bag filter and cyclones equipped outside. The 2nd and 3rd types have lower circulation of the fine particles and higher classification efficiency. The 3rd type boasts higher efficiency with more compact structure.
The 2nd and 3rd types can adjust easily the fineness of products under various operating conditions. The 3rd type can control classifying points in a more wide range just by varying the rpm.


Specific power consumption: 10%-20% reduction

  • Grinding capacity: 15%-25% increase
  • The false set of cement is hard to occur. (Because the products temperature decreases as a result of introducing much cooler air into the separator.)
Countries where implemented

Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry, Japan

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