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Image Forming Device

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This device is provided with the cartridge a new cartridge detecting means a means for counting the number of using times of the cartridge a means for counting the number of recycling times of the cartridge and a high voltage power source. In a such case it is equipped with a means judging whether the cartridge exceeds the working limit and masking a trigger signal to the high voltage power source in the case the cartridge exceeds the working limit. This device prevents an user from getting into a dangerous situation caused by fault and breakage due to use exceeding the working limit of a cartridge. As such this device encourages the user to recycle cartridges and reduce natural resource consumption. This invention relates to an image forming device which has a removable cartridge attached to a main part such as a copying machine a printer and or a facsimile. According to the patent in the past process cartridges were disposed of after use. However this invention demonstrates that process cartridges can be made into new refreshable parts in a variety ways.

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