IHG Grid Measuring Point via Energy Harvesting


Heat powered grid measuring point that communicates via GSM

Heat powered grid measuring point that communicates via GSM and functions with no external power supply or batteries. It records temperature- and pressure data.

By using thermoelectric generators (TEG) Energy Service has made a series of products, that can transform heat energy into electrical energy. This makes it possible to establish a network of wireless measurement points in the distribution grid without the need for connecting to the electricity grid. The products are designed with long-life components – thus no batteries or moving parts. The unit communicates via the GSM network with a central server, that transmits the data to the customer’s SCADA.

Through energy harvesting, Energy-Service has developed remarkable online measuring points for the district heating distribution net, where no batteries or external electric power sources are required. We use the temperature difference between the forward and return flow to produce enough electric energy to power the data loggers and transmit temperature- and pressure data.


- Bigger and better overview of the distribution network

- Improved temperature and pressure control

- Energy conservation through better optimization

- Data can be used to calibrate the grid model 

- Provides more comprehensive monitoring of the distribution network 


- Easy to relocate

- Simple installation 

- Low start-up and operating costs compared to battery and electric grid solutions 

- Easy to establish several monitoring points in the same area

Complete unit with standard GSM modem and TEG power supply

Pressure measurement in flow- and return pipes, pressure range 0-16 bar +/- 0.01 bar 

Measurement of flow- and return temperature 0-100 ° C +/- 0.05 ° C 

GSM communication via internet / private network 

No connection to the electric grid 

Centrally configurable parameters

Transmission range: From 1 minute at a delta T of 18 ° C

IP 65

Dimensions: Width 350 mm, height 110 mm, depth 350 mm (+front connectors)

Weight: 14 kg

Date of release