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Hydrokinetic Wave Energy Conversion

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Innovative Wave Energy Conversion system. Simple Low Tech Rugged Affordable Designed for use with smaller waves Size can be adjusted for Location Our innovative approach solves many of the engineering challenges involved in harnessing Wave energy. Minimal environmental Impact Scaleable if deployed as designed 24/7 baseload Power is achievable. Energy Storage Capacity built into design additional Storage systems available. Has the ability to produce both fresh water and electricity simultaneously. Our system can increase the efficiency of current OTEC systems by reducing parasitic pumping energy losses. Simple design with a few inexpensive moving parts. Standard materials and Manufacturing methods required. Apart from the platforms all components available off the shelf. Minimal development work required. Designed from the start with mass production in mind. System can be dedicated to fresh water production can also provide Refrigeration AC or Ice production. System has ability to be Portable and can be set up in a few days. Modular award winning power-plant can be housed in a container.


Innovative approach reduces cost of expensive engineering required to generate electricity in the Ocean. No requirement for subsea high voltage cables or transformers. No hydraulic systems or oil filled transformers that pose an environmental risk. Limited corrosion issues choice of materials limits opportunity for corrosion to affect performance. Global availability Utilizes Standard manufacturing methods and off the shelf equipment all essential components are used by the Offshore oil and Gas industries. Uses the well known principals of oscillating water columns. A few simple moving parts which are accessible above the waterline. Very low maintenance generating equipment Requires an oil change and bearing inspection every 5 years.; Developed over 3 years designs approved and improved by engineers. Essential equipment suppliers are sourced. In the USA appropriate laws and Licencing requirements researched. Business and Marketing methods developed. Some customer interest even without built prototype.

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