Hydraulic drive for sheet metal forming machine-has two differential cylinders for press pistons suction oil pump and delivery oil pump for cylinder halves

Hydraulic drive for a press in particular a sheet metal forming press comprising a cylinder (12) having a plunger (13) which separates a Preßzylinderkammer (15) and a Rückhubzylinderkammer (14) from one another and of which a press ram (10) downwardly in a forward and a working cycle and upwardly movable in a return stroke with an oil collecting container (35) and having a first volumenstromumkehrbaren hydraulic machine (29) connected to a first output (28) is connected to the Rückhubzylinderkammer (14) and having a second hydraulic machine (45) from which during the working cycle oil from the oil sump (35) in the Preßzylinderkammer (15) is conveyable characterized in that the first hydraulic engine (29) is connected at its second output (30) to a hydraulic accumulator (32)


Energy recovery from oil flow in hydraulic systems

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