High Voltage Valley Walk: a Tour of Discovery at the Cutting Edge of Sustainable Energy

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Experience a unique hub for research, innovation and new technology in electrical power engineering, with a focus on smart grids. In Ludvika, a leading centre in sustainable energy supply, you can take an inspiring walk that will provide new insights into cutting-edge projects to power the future. For more than a century Ludvika in central Sweden has been a centre for innovation and development in electrical power. And the city is still a world-leading centre for research, innovation and new technology in this field. Today, much of the work is concentrated on High Voltage Valley, an international centre for energy transition and efficiency. It aims to solve the challenge of meeting increasing energy demand without depleting the world’s resources.

<h2> Walk into the future </h2>
High Voltage Valley walk is a 5 km guided tour in Ludvika where visitors from all over the world can experience new technologies in energy efficiency and electric power. Here you can find inspiration, learn about exciting research projects and take a further step into a sustainable world. The fascinating route shows Ludvika’s unique position as a world leader in electrical power engineering.

There are a wide variety of projects at High Voltage Valley, from research and development of smart grids to solutions for storing the energy from solar and wind power, and infrastructure initiatives for electric vehicles and public transport. High Voltage Valley is also participating in a number of international R&D projects, involving the transition to fossil-free and renewable energy sources such solar, wind and water, which entails new demands on energy transmission.

<h2> Interactive possibilities </h2>
It’s also possible to take the walk on your own as the path is marked, and scanning the QR codes on the signs directs visitors to the homepage, where you can choose different points on the map and access video clips and facts about some of the companies involved in High Voltage Valley.

<h2> A collaborative forum for R&D </h2>
High Voltage Valley was founded in 2005 by Samarkand2015, a regional development company. The organisation established the High Voltage Valley centre in cooperation with prominent businesses and universities, including ABB, STRI, KTH (Royal Institute of Technology), Uppsala University and Chalmers University of Technology. The collaboration with local companies, academia and public organisations makes High Voltage Valley a hub where many different ideas can grow, develop and change over time, making it the perfect place to find solutions and best practice for supplying the world with sustainable energy in the future.

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