High Throughput Routes for Graphene Synthesis Using Direct Exfoliation of Graphite

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Technology Overview: This invention utilizes a direct graphite exfoliation method that gives rise to a high yield (>= 90%) of few-layer graphene without the use of oxidizers. This method addresses the limitations pose by current methods of graphene production e.g. peeling by oxidation sonication of graphite in solvents and direct intercalation of graphite using alkali mental. On top of being tedious current methods present numerous drawbacks e.g. high defect density low graphene yields and safety issues due to toxic chemicals involved respectively. This invention allows the first bulk synthesis of graphene in large quantities and high quality suitable for industrial scale processing of polymer blends composites capacitor lithium storage DNA extraction biosensor solar cells etc. Technology Features: Graphene from this method · is unoxidised and carries high electrical conductivity · enables formation of composites for a wide range of applications. · presents ease of roll-to-roll processing of graphene. · is easily dispersed in organic solutions and · is readily recoverable from the insoluble parent compound graphite. · has sheet size range from several hundred nanometers to several micrometers. · has sheet thickness range from 1.5 nm to several nanometers. Applications: · Solar Cells · Bioanalytics · Polymer blends · Displays · Energy Storage · Other Composites Patent: · Patent Pending. Opportunity: · Licensing · Partnership for further development


1) Simple fabrication process 2) Ease of scale up 3) High yield (>= 90%) and quality of graphene 4) Lower cost of graphene production

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