High Temperature Sulfur Sorbents - Fuel Cells


Background: Fuel cells are electrochemical devices that continuously convert chemical energy into electric energy for as long as fuel and oxidant are supplied. The primary advantages of fuel cell power generation include increased efficiency lower weight smaller size less air pollution and reduced noise. However diesel fuel is invariably sulfur-laden and when sulfur is present in any fuel that is used in a fuel cell it poisons the fuel cell anode and reforming catalyst. Invention Description: Novel sulfur removal technology comprising a single metal or metal oxide from a specific group dispersed in the inert matrices to improve sulfur sorbents. Applications: ·Power automobiles such as passenger cars and light-duty trucks ·Naval vessels including surface ships and submarines ·NASA – Uninhabited Aerial Vehicles & Low Emission Alternative Power missions ·Department of Defense IP Status: U.S. Utility Patent Pending


·Removes sulfur from logistic fuel streams ·Better performance in terms of breakthrough time ·Imparts longevity to reforming catalyst ·Enhances sorption capacity

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