High Temp Heat Transfer Fluids (250 C - 1000 C) for use in Energy Capture Systems


Background: While much of solar energy generation is focused on photovoltaics there is increasing attention on concentrating solar power systems which use focused solar light to heat thermal storage media. Often these media take the form of high-temperature oils or molten salts. Most thermal storage suffers from drawbacks in one or more of the following areas: cost availability minimum temperature maximum temperature or corrosion. Accordingly there is a need for thermal storage materials that are easy to obtain operate over wide temperatures and resist corrosion. Technology Description: Inventors at the University of Arizona Arizona State University Polytechnic and the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed salt heat transfer fluids capable of performing between 250°C-1000°C with little appreciable corrosion to pipe and container materials. Applications: 1) Concentrating solar power systems 2) Industrial thermal storage


1) Low melting point 2) High operating temperature 3) Low vapor pressure 4) Little corrosion

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