High-tech environmental solutions for waste treatment


CTG is an international cleantech System Integrator that provides high-tech environmental solutions to industrial and municipal clients worldwide. CTG delivers state-of-the-art solutions for water wastewater and solid waste management. Solutions for the municipal sector include: Sludge-free wastewater treatment system Highly efficient low-maintenance wastewater treatment system for small communities Standard activated sludge municipal wastewater system Energy-generating treatment of wastewater containing high concentrations of organic matter Highly efficient container-based mobile drinking water desalination system for small communities Small to big size desalination systems (salt and brackish water) Arsenic and Nitrates removal system for well water Solutions for the industrial sector include: Detergent-free laundry solutions Chemical-free treatment system for cooling towers Highly efficient container-based desalination system for process water Chemical-free system for scale prevention in a variety of applications Advanced filtration systems for various applications


The company ideally positioned to help municipalities and industrial customers improve the operating efficiency and regulatory compliance of their environmental systems.; Proven record of commercial use

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