High-Strength Wind Turbine Blades And Wings

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Modern wind turbine blades utilize a single element from root to tip (i.e. \"monoplane\"" blades). Furthermore modern blades use thick airfoils in the inboard region to support the large bending loads near the blade root. While the aerodynamic performance of thick airfoils is generally poor this is the standard compromise between aerodynamics and structures in blade design. Normally this compromise is sufficient for small- and mid-size turbines because the aerodynamics of the inboard region are assumed to be minor. However as wind turbine blades continue to increase in length to capture more power these thick airfoils will likely get thicker highlighting the inboard region\'s fundamental performance trade-off between aerodynamics and structures. Technology Applications: •Wind turbine blades •Fluid turbine blades •Airplane wings •Fluid pumps •Propellers"


•Enhanced aerodynamic performance •Strengthened blade structure •Can build longer blades than current monoplane design •Increased power production

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