High Power Density Switched-Capacitor Converter for Offshore Wind Energy Systems


North Carolina State University is currently seeking an industry partner to further develop and commercialize the novel High Power Density Switched-Capacitor Converter. Abstract: To tap the wind potential and to run the grid solely on HVDC a DC-DC converter is used to convert the low voltage rectified output of the wind turbine to high voltages.This new family of step-up SC converter can significantly reduce the required filter capacitors in switched-capacitor converter leading to high power density and reduced cost. It utilizes diodes instead of transistors in some embodiments along with some design improvements to ensure superior performance over conventional DC-DC converter designs.


1) In comparison with existing switched capacitor converter this invention requires less filter capacitor when they have the same output voltage ripple resulting in high power density and reduced cost. 2) Fewer side effects anticipated compared to current anti-inflammatory maintenance therapies. 3) It is promising for applications that require high step-up conversion ratio DC/DC converter.

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