Heavy Metal-Free Biodegradable Antifouling Agents

Background: This technology pertains to a biodegradable antifouling agent suitable for use in formulating a new generation of heavy metal-free environmentally-friendly marine paints which are particularly effective against barnacle fouling for ships and marine structures. Technology Description: This novel biocidal/ biostatic compound stems from the study of existing pharmaceuticals for adaptation to anti-fouling. Further laboratory studies led to the synthesis of this new compound simplified from the core structure of the original pharmaceutical to allow for the appropriate adjustment of physical and chemical properties. Specifically the invention provided for a composition comprising at least one compound having the formula R1R2NR3 (piperidine-based). Small quantity laboratory samples (less than 50g) are available on condition of Non-Disclosure Agreement and Material Transfer Agreement. Applications: Anti fouling agents Opportunity for collaboration: Licensing and Partnership for further development


1) Excellent anti-macrofouling properties 2) Highly effective against barnacles 3) Heavy metal free Halogen free Aromatic ring free 4) Biodegradable (under testing) 5) Effective against wide range of biofilm bacteria 6) High therapeutic ratio

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