Heavy Metal Extraction From Water Using Cavitation of Hydrogen Bubbles


The technology presented within the invention disclosure builds on the inventors’ prior art creating a novel way to extract heavy metals from aqueous solutions (i.e. water) for at least two purposes: • cleaning substrates (e.g. semiconductor wafer chips) and • water treatment purposes. The technology uses the concept of electrochemical properties and sonolysis to achieve success at removing contaminants from either an electronic substrate or from water. This is done by applying a bias to a microelectrode while irradiating with ultrasound radiation. Hydrogen bubbles are then induced into the aqueous medium aiding in the removal of contaminants. The system ablates away unwanted heavy metals from cavities within thus separating contaminants from the solution. Other available options have a firm spot in the industry of water treatment such as membrane filtration and precipitation. Applications: 1) Water reclamation 2) Water processing 3) Factory automation 4) Electronics manufacturing 5) Food processing 6) Heavy metal harvesting

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